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Peng An overview
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Peng Ann is located in the northeast of sichuan province and middle reaches of jialing river, belongs to the old revolutionary base areas in sichuan and shanxi, is the western han dynasty ci sima xiangru's hometown. The county is an area of 1334 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 39 townships, 647 village (community), total population of 713227 people (population).
Peng Ann has a long history, the talents. Peng Ann in the spring and autumn in Pakistan, Qin Xi county, the early han AnHan county, phase such as county in 507 AD, Ming emperor hongwu period set peng, peng Ann instead of peng state for 1913. Poets in the tang dynasty to yuan, calligrapher c, the painter wu daoxuan, big literary giant su dongpo song dynasty ancient sages, here left a valuable cultural heritage, gave birth to the agronomist LanMengJiu, philosopher WuFei and tibetologist Zhang Yisun, mathematician and physicist Wei Shizhen, revolutionary martyrs Wang Bai with a large number of outstanding figures, etc.
Peng Ann unique location, convenient traffic. Peng, 230 km away from chengdu, chongqing, 200 km away from nanchong city and takatsubo airport only 30 minutes by car, closely integrated into the chengdu-chongqing expressway "two hour economic circle" and "half an hour economic circle" in nanchong city. Within the territory of 318 national highway (south yan - Laurence family - economic cross - prosperity), 244 (the former provincial highway 203 line tea - such as expanding period, phase - shu river - the dragon of silkworm) and 101 provincial highway (are source - long beam - kam screen - such as), 206 (fresh store - such as the home - the xu - full - phase - shu river - the stream - three dam), 305 (the former provincial highway 204 line between dam - the dragon - kam screen - phase such as), south high-speed girder in the shu river and the creek is equipped with two Shared, banan wide high speed in ford, peng Ann railway station to realize dynamic car parked, jialing river water transportation in guangyuan, from chongqing, preliminary form foreign big unicom, internal circulation system of traffic network.
Peng Ann rich resources, sufficient elements. Peng Ann county water resources more than 4 billion cubic meters. Peng AnLiu of jialing river 89 km long, water surface water Ⅱ class water quality standards. Two hydroelectric plant built in horse back, gold creek, with a total installed capacity of 238100 kilowatts, annual output of 1.1 billion KWH. Southwest oil and gas pipelines in export, peng sits daily supply capacity of 500000 square. Sichuan plant preferred site located in peng Ann three dam township. Peng Ann elements to ensure strong, development prospect is extremely broad.
Peng Ann prosperous industry, solid foundation. Peng Ann has nanchong nine counties (city, area) the only XianShu provincial industrial park, was incorporated into the entire province cultivate 50 billion industrial park. In sichuan province garbo, nanchong goodly, such as industrial enterprise 74 households, initially forming machinery, metallurgy, silk spinning clothing, agricultural products processing as leading industry development pattern. Peng Ann is the national new key county of one hundred billion catties of grain production capacity, the state quality commercial strategic safeguard base county, sichuan province foster county "strong county of" modern agriculture industry base. Peng, known as "the Chinese citrus sinensis csbeck first county" of reputation. Shu river tofu was listed in national geographic indication products protection list. Peng Ann county is the "historical and cultural city of sichuan province", "jialing first native place traveling scenic area" is a national 4 a level scenic spots, large epic musical songs phase such as long, jialing river folk customs show the sichuan red, chikako town, "hundreds of cows crossing" ecological wonders such as cultural tourism, provincial famous brand countries.

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