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Romantic culture
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Jialing peng anxian county, the first native place in sichuan province, peng Ann is han dynasty ci sima xiangru's hometown, beautiful scenery, gave birth to the romantic passion of sima xiangru, made sima xiangru and ZhuoWenJun burn "chicken" of great love. Romantic historic spread, the pursuit of the cityscape.
Sima xiangru and gentleman, is a near Qiong magistrate who as a guest, the wind is a widowed at home. Their stories, from sima xiangru away zhuo, attacks on zhuo home lobby's famous chicken for burn begins: "o feng feng xi to return home, find out its burn all swim ao, a lady in the hall, room you distant poison my bowel, by transition for the mandarin duck." This today is also blunt, bold, warm words, nature is made in the shade after listening ZhuoWenJun heartache, and after a meeting with sima xiangru love at first sight, both agreed to elope. That night, soft ZhuoWenJun up out of their homes, and already meet at the gate of sima xiangru, thus completed two people the most splendid event in life. ZhuoWenJun also not the kui is a crisis, and sima xiangru after back to chengdu, facing the situation, I have back to my hometown near Qiong open premises without embarrassment, when lu to sell wine, finally makes the proud father confessed their love. Although moralists of future generations said their elopement as "Yin", but this does not prevent them to be model of how many couples in the future.
After that there is an event worth to remember: sima xiangru was once in love with a woman, ZhuoWenJun as "the old songs," in this sentence "WenJun has two meaning, reason to refuse. Wish one heart person, the hoary head not and mutually leave." End the phase as a change of heart.

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