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Jialing first native place national AAAA level tourist area, brings together the jialing river basin is the most classic of poetry and pastoral, bashu culture influence, historic romantic love the holy land, the origin of the idea of furnishings, jialing river farming civilization, earth the five brand resources, by experts and scholars as "the most romantic leisure home". Peng Ann is han dynasty ci sima xiangru's hometown, is located in the northeast of sichuan, jialing river middle reaches, th
Peng anxian county, sichuan nanchong governs county, located in the northeast of sichuan province, in 507 AD (south down six years), emperor wudi in honor of sima xiangru, set myself, with phase such as called county, in 1371 AD, merged with peng, peng state in 1913 AD renamed "loose" Ann, by 2013, peng anxian county is an area of 1334 square kilometers and a population of 713227 people (population), and 39 township, county, city covers an area of 9 square kilometers, the county resident populat
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