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Caisheng building

Reconstruction in 2006, the unit and style are in accordance with the history, culture and further enrich the god of wealth. According to research, the building is only a god of wealth building on the jialing river, is the treasure of chikako hills in the guzheng town water, known as the "jialing river first floor". The god of wealth building is the land of the pilgrims and from the view of the river town panorama and the best location of the jialing river scenery. A blacksmith shop: the blacksmith shop is a microcosm chikako guzhen ancient shops. The manual operation, is an ancient agricultural production technology is not developed, the embodiment of the production level is not high. For hundreds of years history of iron foundry, belongs to a family in the ancient town of tang, is still down two brothers in the business. Looking at the stove spatter iron openwork, listening to the sound of tinkling while the iron is hot, you'd think time back, back to the ancient way of life.

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