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Jialing river waters
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The cow crossing
In the sun island on the east village, people raise the more cattle and beef cattle, sun island is herding the cattle pastures. Early in the morning every day, families open the door, the bulls will goes to the river, under the guidance of cow, eating grass orderly swam to the island. In the evening when the sun down to the west, they swim back to shore cow house, September 5 - every day. In the cold of winter, just to be safe, the host will let them spend the night on the island for a long time. Cattle swim spectacle and imposing manner, a poison is wondrous. Is the most moving, they are a team spirit of cooperation: a robust bull in front of the leader, cow and calf, followed by the rest of the bulls guard in the side and back, and bull patrol at any time if there is left behind. The appearance, is rare.
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