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God longquan
Now we see the longquan is famous as god. Longquan as close to the god of wealth building and dragon god named Angle mountain, there have been many stories. Is a legend, long long ago, a tired eyes blind in great grandmother, due to labor is filial son carry seek treatment, but there is no cure eye diseases. When they pass through, the summer heat, dry mouth, two people with the spring water quench thirst. Several saliva down, they feel shu xin runfei, refreshed. Son and then use the water wash my great grandmother and myself. Shortly after they go back, great grandmother eyes actually magically good, filial son face is also becoming more handsome. After the news, people are here for water burn tea cooking. Before the intake is simple, we conducted beautify processing, form now, this really is like a dragon spit water, also increased the reservoir, the water is more clean.
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