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Zhouzi town
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Surrounded on three sides by mountains and faces the water on one side, has been hailed as a port town of jialing river, its history over 1400 years. Song dynasty neo-confucianism ancestor zhou dunyi in this lecture, the future generations in honor of this song shrine. Behind the song temple is located in the town residents' committees under the river, a stage, the main hall, built oi-lin pool area is not large, but the pool violet graceful.
Is located in the town of river street to jiangxi hall Wan Shouguan, and years jiajing of Ming dynasty, the late qing dynasty, kenwood holy palace for sacrifice guanyu guan yu, the whole building are built around the mountain, along QianDian, partial temple main hall and built from low to high in turn, imposing.
Stands the ancient town of jialing god of wealth building, was built in the early stage, the qing xianfeng years finally, fix SAN wu daoxuan in honor of the picture, the posterity and named jiang floor. Bridge gallery for the god of wealth building, a total of four layers: layer type, featuring two or three layers of tea drink, river landscape, four layers model mammon Zhao Gongming. On the roof, lifted up his eyes and shine of jialing river, win, across the river wetland, intoxicating.
River downstairs, holds a two thousand - year old wharf. Dock in han dynasty, xing in the tang dynasty, the heyday in the song dynasty, has been very busy. Ancient pier berth still dozens of all kinds of ships under, the old wharf style remains.
"River wharf inn" and "teahouse" river pavilion, trapped, tianshui color, visible "clouds scales, jiang liked gas water floor" in the mirror of the scene, is a perfect view for the ancient land.

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