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Longjia mountain
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Scenic area is located in peng county in the northwest, closely linked with chikako town scenic area, with a total area of about 650 mu, the top of the nearly 600 meters above sea level, is the commanding heights of the peng Ann around the county. Dragon horn name is derived from the mountain, the mountain is like a WoFu Yu Jialing river water dragon, the top of the mountain is like a dragon horn. This mountain is peng Ann a famous mountains, "yuanhe county" recorded on it. Anhui guo-zi-jian diploma Zhou Ming Angle of "dragon mountain" in the qing dynasty did: "Na cloud bones potential and night such as bead submaxillary Ming. Word guest need not to climb tiptop, KuangYin lest wolong surprised." At present there are paint saint square, jiang floor scenic spot, dragon horn promenade, dragon temple, friends of Lin, half ShanTing, wu daoxuan ladder, the reds tree dragon horn holy water, etc.
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