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    Longjia mountain
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    Scenic area is located in peng county in the northwest, closely linked with chikako town scenic area, with a total area of about 650 mu, the top of the nearly 600 meters above sea level, is the commanding heights of the peng Ann around the county. Dragon horn name is derived from the mountain, the mountain is like a WoFu Yu Jialing river water dragon, the top of the mountain is like a dragon horn. This mountain is peng Ann a famous mountains, "yuanhe county" recorded on it. Anhui guo-zi-jian diploma Zhou Ming Angle of "dragon mountain" in the qing dynasty did: "Na cloud bones potential and night such as bead submaxillary Ming. Word guest need not to climb tiptop, KuangYin lest wolong surprised." At present there are paint saint square, jiang floor scenic spot, dragon horn promenade, dragon temple, friends of Lin, half ShanTing, wu daoxuan ladder, the reds tree dragon horn holy water, etc.
  • Friends of Lin

    Friends of Alison in chikako town to the dragon mountain recently on the hillsides, area of about 100 acres, planted 5000, cedar trees such as ginkgo biloba. Friends of Lin peng Ann is the embodiment of the friends of hard of give up outside home

  • Memorial arch

    The housing is now the only dragon horn, wrote four Chinese characters "dragon horn outstand". Through this arch, came to wu daoxuan under the ladder.​

  • Wu daozi ladder

    From the Angle of dragon mountain halfway up the hill, there is a straight ladder to the top. Wu daoxuan was along the ladder aboard the dragon of painting the top Angle of view, thus named wu daoxuan ladder. There are 418 step ladder, implicatio

  • The reds tree

    At the top of the mountain dragon horn, grow a plant canopy huge clouds of ficus virens, this tree is stuck in the ground when the red army stationed in 1933 pole to grow. Under the moon and essence of moist, leafy, tall and become a living fossi

  • Dragon horn temple

    Dragon temple is a famous buddhist temple, built in the dragon horn below the top of the mountain area of Shanxi Province, the main body construction is Ursa and guanyin hall, east west, facing the jialing river. As early as the tang dynasty, the

  • Draw the square

    Saint square is located in the Angle of dragon mountain halfway up the hill, is one of the largest leisure square, the Angle of dragon mountain about 8000 m2. This is a view the panorama of jialing river scenery and chikako guzhen best position.

  • Draw the river building

    Paint floor jiang is a dragonkind building on the edge of the square, is composed of the main building on the second floor and nearly hundred meters long. Looking down at the jialing river, the second floor of the main building is close to watch

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