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  • 01/04
    Wanshou palace
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    Wanshou palace was built in the Ming dynasty, is moved to the ancient town of jiangxi people to build, so he made the hall of jiangxi province. Flower is jiangxi people, communication, gathering place for ancestor worship, originally magnificent, covers an area of 3000 m2, the whole building for single eaves hang mountain style into the courtyard, the tall gate house is equipped with the stage, on the throne room dedicated to xu zhenjun, two layers of back to the temple is a place for leisure. Break "capitalism", gate house, stage, main hall, second floor back to the temple were removed, leaving only a layer of back to the temple to ordinary residential style. Now we have been carried out in accordance with the original building and landscape, will also be opened in entertainment and culture strong project, in order to attract tourists to participate in.
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