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    Lianxi temple
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    Around AD 1056 to AD 1056, during the song dynasty neo-confucianism master zhou dunyi via phase such as home, open the feast lecture in chikako town, town students to teach Aaron's sense of honor. In the bay, near the town of Wells have a scenery is very charming lotus pool. Lianchi around, do you dance, willows breeze; The pond water, watery lotus leaf, lotus, delicate and charming. Life to love the lotus, the zhou dunyi, dignified, beautiful jade jie's character to give lectures in my spare time, came to stroll around, while enjoying the nice view, to students questions. Legend of zhou dunyi enjoys moxibustion population classics "wang", is inspired by the lotus pool of the reward. Zhou dunyi left, people in order to commemorate him, he built a temple where he lectures, named Lianxi temple.
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