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  • 01/04
    Zhouzi wharf
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    In ancient waterways as traffic arteries, jialing this ancient wharf, has been deducing the people on both sides and passing the life story of the merchant, become a history of human development. The one thousand ancient ferry, originally called the mouth, for the song dynasty neo-confucianism master zhou dunyi had landed here, people call for chikako wharf. Ancient pier on the stone and bronze sculptures and other cultural decoration, reflecting sima xiangru and burn love story filled with chicken, zhou dunyi in chikako teaching of ancient historical stories, they pull pull ship, transom weng hang OARS, port handling, pedestrian drive field life scenes, as well as the jialing river landscape, chikako town landscape and other natural beauty. Standing on the dock, you can move back and forth between phase as the hometown of history and reality, taste life, taste life.
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